During the preparations for the Birthday broadcast, 12 years since the official launch of the European School Student Radio with an uninterrupted flow of programs all these years, we learned with sadness the news of the death of Christos Valasellis, the man who unselfishly supported our project, without to know us, when one day we called him to talk to him about our idea. He saw in us the enthusiasm to enter the field of radio, he listened very carefully to our dream to give a voice to every student and became a sharer of the vision, our fellow traveler, in a way. We’ve had the honor of leveraging the world-renowned Jazler radio streaming automation software ever since. It is what has hosted thousands of school productions since the beginning and through which listeners can tune in to hear the broadcasts.

A man with dreams, an endless source of ideas, a benefactor of European School Radio. He has been there in our every new endeavor, in the development of our original idea, and in the formation of the largest network of schools for radio in Europe, so that we have full automation of the process and parallel interface with the Jazler program we use, we trust it and it has never let us down.

Dear Christos, when we invited you to thank you in person for your offer and to award one of our schools in the “Make it Heard 2016” Contest in Athens, you gladly accepted. You came and gave the award to the 1st Lab Center Ioannina with the radio message “Right to life”. Your life may have been short, but we’re sure it was full of generosity, giving, and devotion.


We are very sorry for the loss. The Birthday show will be dedicated to you.


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