After the necessary process of processing the statements, which far exceeded our expectations, we publish the list of schools that will take part in the educational program for the school year 2023-24.

A total of 63 participation applications were submitted for the 23 available visit days. Schools from all over the country, Secondary and Primary, expressed interest in participating in our action. We are very honored by the large turnout and hope to provide the best possible radio experiences to the students of the selected schools. The Student Group at IHU and AUTH look forward to welcoming and educating the schools.

05/12/2023 3rd Night Vocational High School of Larisa (Larisa)
12/12/2023 1st Vocational High School of Sindos (Thessaloniki)
09/01/2024 3rd Junior High School of Echedoro (Thessaloniki)
16/01/2024 1st Junior High School of Drama (Drama)
23/01/2024 Senior High School of Agios Georgios (Asprovalta- Thessaloniki)
31/01/2024 Junior High School of Antheia (Evros)
06/02/2024 Music School of Veroia (Imathia)
13/02/2024 Senior High School of Deskati (Grevena)
20/02/2024 1st Junior High School of Chalkida (Evia)
27/02/2024 Vocational High School of Kria Vrisy (Pella)
05/03/2024 Junior High School of Rentina (Thessaloniki)
12/03/2024 Music School of Xanthi (Xanthi)
19/03/2024 5th Junior High School of Lamia (Phthiotis)
26/03/2024 1st Senior High School of Kavala (Kavala)
02/04/2024 General High School of Domenikos (Pella)
09/04/2024 General High School of Skydra (Pella)
16/04/2024 3rd Junior High School of Igoumenitsa (Thesprotia)
23/04/2024 5th Junior High School of Ptomemaida (Kozani)
14/05/2024 50th Primary School of Thessaloniki
21/05/2024 2nd Primary School of Nea Moudania (Chalkidiki)
28/05/2024 16th Primary School of Evosmos (Thessaloniki)
04/06/2024 3rd Primary School of Oreokastro (Thessaloniki)
11/06/2024 6th Intercultural Primary School of Evosmos (Thessaloniki)


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